Dramatic Story About Tim, a Slave of Other People’s Approval

Dramatic Story About Tim, a Slave of Other People’s Approval

Tim was a young and cheerful guy. He was just at the beginning of the life journey, entering adulthood. Tim was constantly dreaming and always had huge plans for his future, wanting to do big things in life. If you knew him in person, you would know he was hard-working, ambitious and humorous in life.

Tim was constantly improving his skills in different areas, learning new stuff and developing himself all the time. However, if you could get into his mind, you’d see that he suffered from a serious problem that was stopping him from taking his life to the point he really wanted it to be at.

Tim’s greatest obstacle to making his dreams come true was slavery. However, it was neither physical nor financial type of slavery he suffered from, and it wasn’t religious or political slavery either. Tim got stuck in life as a slave of other people’s approval. He didn’t know the simple rule that says:

Stop worrying about people who aren’t worried about you.

Whenever he wanted to make a big step toward something, a big step that required breaking some rules and norms, he was scared, since this would expose him to critique and judgement. Some would begin challenging his choices, others would discourage him and start hating. Tim deeply believed all those excuses he was continually finding to be true. However, he couldn’t find a belief in himself to follow his dreams and passions. Slavery of other’s approval really held him back.

So, the years went by and Tim stayed the same, just an ordinary and average person. He had a vision of him doing out of ordinary things, but he also had fears that ruined it whenever he wanted to take action. Tim was very attentive, so he noticed many people that escaped unscathed from that mind jail.

man landscapeHe also started to realize that all those people had a few things common. They were content, successful and never looked back. It was leading him to frustration since he wanted to be just like them, but he developed a belief that he couldn’t. It was deeply coded in his mind and constantly ruining his self-esteem.

The less you give a damn, the happier you will be.

One day something changed, and his frustration was bigger than his fears. He decided to face all of them one by one and told himself that whatever will happen, this won’t discourage him from pursuing his dreams.

So, a new journey has just begun. A journey that was taking him out of his comfort-zone, but also one that gave him a sense of fulfilment, satisfaction and freedom from fear. Tim finally started to realize that all his fears were fictional and baseless. He dared to live fully and never looked back since then…

Did you ever live Tim’s life? Maybe you still do?