The Power of a Single Tab and How to Stop Mindless Browsing

The Power of a Single Tab and How to Stop Mindless Browsing

Internet can be a really distracting medium. Ads, banners or notifications. All of them trying to catch your attention and make you act accordingly.

Bloggers, Magazine sites, Youtube channels or Instagram profiles. Who is going to get you in the trap of mindless browsing? Probably each of them, if you allow that.

I love reading online. But only few sites are distraction-free. As a result, it’s hard to concentrate on one thing and I end up with multiple windows opened.

There are so many incredible pages to visit and fascinating things to learn about. The urge to check all of them fills my browser with countless tabs.

Focus disappears.

I in turn begin skimming and scrolling. There is too much to choose from, so that I actually choose everything and nothing at the same time.

Protect your attention

The most valuable thing that every site craves isn’t your money, e-mail address or personal data. It’s your attention in the first place. Without it, everything else is irrelevant.

It’s important to protect it. Otherwise you will let anyone control your flow over the pages.

I learned that whenever I have multiple tabs opened then I’m more likely to double and triple the amount of them. It’s like a vicious circle.

Single tab rule

Solution? Simple, but not easy.

Make a rule of a single tab. It might be tempting to check author’s recommendations within the content. Some links just beg you to click on them.

Don’t act. Read to the end. Then decide what to see next.

There is no need to open many tabs. The information won’t disappear. Next month it probably will still be there. And if not, then it likely wasn’t worth your attention.

Don’t open new windows immediately. If it’s tempting then it’s probably interesting. You can get back to it in a moment though, when you can devote your full attention.

Tip There is a Chrome extension called Tabzolo, which makes it easier to stick to the rule.