Free Self-Discipline Course

Do you struggle with building self-discipline? Did you ever create fancy plans and then you couldn’t stick to them even for a few days? Do you lose motivation whenever it comes to actually taking action?In Control: 5 weeks to stronger self-discipline

In my book In Control: 5 Weeks to Stronger Self-Discipline you’ll learn how to prepare yourself for making a change in your life.

In the first chapter called “Week 1: Preparation Phase” I’ll show you how to build the right foundation for becoming more self-disciplined.

Each day of the first week covers a different aspect. From simple stuff like sleep to helpful tricks which make all the difference.

These are the basics of getting better. Many people ignore them and wonder why they fail over and over again. If you need actionable advice, look no further!

Once you get to know the theory, it’s time to put it into practice.

4 Weeks of challenges will help you to gradually strengthen your self-discipline and help you break through your comfort zone.

You won’t learn any magic spells that make you a self-discipline master in a matter of days. Instead, you’ll get the necessary knowledge which, combined with a desire to change, will help you tremendously.