How to Resist The Temptation of Choosing The Wrong Things

How to Resist The Temptation of Choosing The Wrong Things

I’m aware of the fact that eating junk food, drinking soda and consuming too much sugar devastates my body in a long-term perspective. The crushing feeling that comes immediately
after a quick satisfaction worsens the situation. Yet, sometimes I just can’t help but consciously make a wrong decision.

Why don’t you procrastinate on your work even though you know how badly you want it? Sure, let’s go on Reddit or Youtube. The urge beats the willpower and I end up doing something I know I shouldn’t.

If you also struggle with that, keep reading.

This is the weird part of our human nature. In this example, it’s actually true that you’re your greatest opponent. Once you gain control over yourself, then everything else becomes incredibly easier. But how can you achieve that?

Well, for me it’s not a one-time effort that guarantees making right choices for the rest of my life. It’s about constantly working on it. I believe that commitment plays a big role in this process. It helps you to push through tough times because you are awake to the end goal you pursue. Even if it’s just a small milestone on a lifelong journey.

Then again, commitment means without discipline. You could commit to hundreds of things and then wake up next morning completely ignoring your yesterday’s plans. To be honest, that’s something I actually experienced too many times. It’s discouraging and overwhelming. So I decided to eradicate it.

Here are a few key factors that helped me along the course.

Focus on one thing

There might be multiple areas that you tend to fail at even though you spare no effort not to. Don’t worry, you are not alone! The key is to focus on one thing at a time (this article on how to focus will help). If you’d participate in a street fight, would you rather encounter with one person or a group of people?

Not a peaceful example, it’s just to visualize things better. The more opponents you face the less likely you are to survive. This brutal law applies to breaking a bad habit.

So if you struggle with eating healthy as well as spending your time wisely, just pick one thing you will try to change.

Start small

Telling yourself that, from tomorrow on, you will completely break that bad habit is just another bad habit. Fooling yourself, that you can change a long-term problem overnight is setting up to fail. I bet this is the last thing you want.

We fail at making right decisions because of the opposite to the right thing, which seems more appealing at that very moment. Rather than focusing on a future goal, we settle for instant pleasure.

In lieu of maniacally escaping from this obstacle, try to slowly reduce its impact. Slowly reducing the dose is the way to go. You will be far more successful progressing sluggishly than failing over and over again.

Celebrate small wins

Even if it seems like an insignificant step forward, it’s still a good reason to celebrate it. The reason behind it is to give you a psychological well-being. You work toward a change so make it feel rewarding. It’s easier to keep going if you feel self-satisfied.

Celebrating increases your engagement and happiness. Gratification helps to keep on.

The truth about big achievements is that they aren’t frequent and are made of small wins. Acknowledging each tiny steps is to assure that the big win is getting closer.

We are our choices.Jean-Paul Sartre