5 Mini Habits That Increase Discipline (And Most People Neglect Them)

5 Mini Habits That Increase Discipline (And Most People Neglect Them)

Building self-discipline is a matter of practice. But when the lack of your willpower reaches the ground, it’s definitely hard to commit to working on yourself. Practicing a few tiny habits may come in handy.

On the one hand, they take almost no effort to do. On the other hand, just the fact that you commit to practicing them daily increases your ability to stick to more complex and challenging habits.

1. Make your bed

It all starts when you wake up. When it’s time to get up, you can hit the snooze button, and then roll out after some time, wandering around the house in the I-just-woke-up phase.

The second option is to get up and then immediately start making your bed. You control yourself right from the moment the day starts for you, there’s no delay.

Making a bed directly after waking up takes a minute, and is definitely a tiny little habit worth developing.

2. Drink water

Drink water. Do it regularly. When you are thirsty and when you are not. I don’t mean you should pump in gallons of water, but drink systematically during the day.

When it comes to drinking, water is the best thing you can choose. It quench your thirst and doesn’t add any needless calories. On the contrary are carbonated and sweetened beverages which, after drinking for long enough, you crave way too much.

3. Read 10 pages of a book

Reading is a great way to expand your horizons, train your brain and simply enjoy some free time. I can’t stress enough how many amazing things I learned from books.

But for a long time, I wasn’t a regular reader — books bored me, mostly because I was forced to read them at school.

However, once I read a book I chose without being forced to, I discovered how incredible it is. Now I read every single day and it’s a habit that hugely contributes to my personal growth.

If you read sporadically, but you’d like to change it, start with 10 pages a day. There’s no reasonable excuse for not being able to read that amount every day. And then, expand from that point over time.

4. Always put things where they belong

A chair is a multifunctional tool. The main purpose is sitting, but I used to treat it as a wardrobe, letting my clothes hang on it for days.

I treated my desk similarly and gathered plenty of clutter that would sit on it until I really had no place to comfortably move my hands.

It takes a moment to put a thing on its place, yet refusing to do that creates a massive chaos.

Look around you, I bet there’s some unnecessary item laying on your desk, put it where it belongs.

5. Wash your bowl

This one is taken from Leo Babauta. After you finish your meal, simply wash your bowl. It takes a moment to clean it and put in the cupboard.

It’s something so simple, you wouldn’t believe it requires any sort of discipline to do it, but think about how many times you put your dishes in the sink and leave them there.

From now on, wash your bowl.