This Is So Far My Favourite Meditation App (And It’s Free)

This Is So Far My Favourite Meditation App (And It’s Free)

In the recent time, a lot of things has happened in my life which caused a lot of excitement but also stressed me out and made me feel overwhelmed. Whenever it seems like my head is about to explode, meditation is my best remedy. As long as I meditate regularly, I seem to be happier and stay on track with my goals. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying meditation is some mysterious miracle that will change your life. Give it a try and see what impact it has on yourself. In this post, I want to share a tool that made it meditating easier for me.

Because I realized meditating helps me a lot, I try to do it daily but it is not always easy to do so if I don’t have the right system in place. My mind’s favourite thing to do is coming up with excuses for not doing things which improve my life so I decided to equip myself with some weapons in order to battle procrastination and actually meditate on a regular basis.

If I were to classify my experience with meditation that I’d definitely put myself in the beginning stage which is why I strongly prefer guided meditation. I tested various apps and websites and recently discovered an app that became my favourite. It’s free and I’m not getting paid to mention it on my blog. The reason why I write this article is because it’s so badass I want you to give it a try. The app is called Insight Timer and I use it on my Android phone but it works on Apple devices as well.

This app gives you access to a huge database of guided meditation of various types. Whether you prefer a short or a long session, you’ll find plenty of material to meditate with. In fact, this is not just a meditation app, but a community of people who review different the playlists, submit their own meditation sessions and create groups. If you’re after an accountability group to make you stick to your habits then Insight Timer gets you covered too (I know, I sound so promotional).

To finish this post, I’d like to share my 3-step system with you to help you meditate regularly (and soon daily):

  1.  Prepare a meditation place and environment: (for me, it is meditating with the aforementioned app on my bed) so that your brain becomes more used to that.
  2. Set a reminder (I prefer meditating before going to sleep so my reminder goes off late).
  3. Track your progress (using habit tracking apps or calendar will help you stick to your habit in the first few weeks).