Why You Shouldn’t Believe In The Fiction Most People Follow

Why You Shouldn’t Believe In The Fiction Most People Follow

In today’s society, young people are fooled into a false sense of security and happiness that is guaranteed by following a simple step-by-step guide to life. From our early years, we are taught to follow this system, in most cases it’s our parents that encourage us to play a life-game sticking to the common rules and norms highly promoted by our culture.

If you follow masses, you will eventually have what everyone else has. For your information, debt, overweight and addictive lifestyle count to most popular ones.

Refuse to follow

Going with the flow is like acting like a sheep. You may feel secure and protected by others. However, keep in mind, that you are still just a small part of the flock. How is it, that a farmer uses a dog to help him control the flock of sheep? The reason is simple, it’s not the mass that makes rational and logical decisions. The crowd can be easily outsmarted by intelligent individuals. Sheep act under pressure, feeling disoriented and afraid.

This is similar to the pressure we experience in our society. Pressure which makes us think that following our dreams and passions is extraordinary and even dangerous. As a result, many feel overwhelmed and want to reduce ensuing tension by choosing the typical path. However, most of us don’t realize, that this is exactly what makes the tension grow later on in life.

Fictional promises

From our early years, we get a simple list of action-result examples (do X and Y will happen), that should be helpful for us to create the life we all want. One of these examples is getting a degree. I by no means want to criticize getting a degree – education is powerful and wonderful. However, what I can’t accept is the fictional vision of life after getting a degree the society makes people believe in.

Your chances of getting employed will increase significantly. According to statistics, you will earn more money. You will enjoy a higher social status. Your life will be less stressful, you will be happier. There are countless promises. To make them even more convincing, they are supported by a list of dangers associated with not choosing the “right” path. As you probably imagine – you will struggle finding your dream job, you will make way less money and your life will be full of stress and regret.

As I was bombarded with all these appealing guarantees during my school time, I developed many brilliant plans for my future. I wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer or an architect. The problem is, I never really dreamed of doing any of these jobs for the rest of my life. I simply made myself want to, blinded by promises.

I don’t think that I would perform well doing a job I don’t enjoy only because of financial advantages. I used to believe that, but school taught me that doing things which don’t make you happy is not worth any money. This is a lesson I got from hours and hours of sitting in the classroom, listening to boring teachers and learning for purposeless exams.

There is a pressure on young people during their school time. The older they get, the more frequently they get asked about their future plans and dream jobs. There is one thing school prepares us for, and this is staying on the typical path by following the common step-by-step guide to life. The irony of this situation is that in reality school doesn’t teach much stuff that can be successfully applied in the real world. So after learning many abstract things for years, we should then decide how our career should be like. For me, this is crazy.

Is salary the determining factor?

To help the youth make brighter decisions, there are various statistics of best degree subjects and jobs, all ordered by salary.  Here once again, the main focus is on the financial benefits as if it was the ultimate source of happiness and fulfilment.

You are not meant to do what you love and really want, which as a result, can make you happy and grateful person. You should support the economy. This is your main role in the society. I don’t want such a future. I want to live a life full of passion, dedication, excitement and gratefulness. These are the things a lot of people lack because they are forced to learn stuff they don’t enjoy in order to do work they hate once they graduate. As a consequence, they are bored, stressed, powerless and empty inside. I just want to be the opposite and I know, this is what most of us really desire.

Why do we see so many negatives regarding school like “I hate Mondays”, “I hate school” etc. I can’t understand why so many people constantly inform the world through Facebook how much they hate it, yet don’t want to follow their passions, dreams and focus on what they really want. They keep mindlessly following the typical life-guide.

I refuse, you can too

I don’t know exactly in which direction my life will go, but I’m sure I want to make decisions that will help me get it to the point where I want it to be, and this definitely can’t be achieved by endlessly following other people’s guidelines. I don’t want to put my dreams for the “right time” because it’s just another excuse for staying in the comfort zone.

Following dreams is actually full of uncertainty and doubt. It requires a lot of discipline and desire. However, this is not a reason to abandon my passions and choose the 9-5 lifestyle, which is nothing but working for someone else’s dreams. This would mean being dependent for the rest of my life, which scares me much more than all the potential failures on the way to fulfilling my own dreams.

Think about it for a moment, ask yourself which scenario is would be more scary: giving yourself no chance to try and staying average for the rest of your life, or taking the risk and working hard on what you truly want?