30-Day Cold Shower Challenge: 7 Lessons I learned

30-Day Cold Shower Challenge: 7 Lessons I learned

I learned from many situations in my life that the only way to a better self leads through discomfort. Cold showers definitely belong to the group of unpleasant activities that build your character. I was taking the advantage of them regularly, however, it wasn’t on a daily basis. I just wanted to make it become my habit.

Honestly, the beginning was the most challenging part. After that, it is less of a struggle. You still feel discomfort but then again, the main point is to get out of your comfort zone.

Now, let’s get to the lessons I learned after completing the challenge:

1. It’s not that cold!

As I already said, it’s not as hard as you think it’ll be. Actually, your mind is your greatest opponent. It’s undoubtedly freezing cold and you can’t trick yourself not to feel it, but you can bring your mind over to your side. The key to success is the mindset. Don’t let your brain complain. Shut it off and simply let the cold water run down your body. Instead of overthinking, just act.

2. Focus on the very moment

If you are at day #1 don’t think about the coming 29 days you need to complete. It’s about now, a few minutes of feeling uncomfortable to then get the irreplaceable sense of satisfaction. There’s no need to look at the challenge from a long-term perspective, what matters is the today’s shower.

3. Always push a little harder at the end

Based on my experience, to increase your self-discipline you need to adopt a simple rule which says: what you resist, persist. So when you get under the cold water and after some time you want to get out, then that’s the right time to let the freezing cold water. Whenever I’m about to end the shower, I’ll turn the water to the coldest I can get and push myself for that last moment to the limits. It’s uncomfortable as hell, but this is where the willpower comes from.

4. The rest of the day gets easier

After every single cold shower I finish, I get the instant boost of motivation. The reason is obvious, right at the beginning of the day I leave the comfort zone. Afterward, all the tasks I need to complete seem a lot easier. It’s not only about the cold water but also about the attitude: you run the day from the very beginning and stick to your plans, ignoring the discomfort.

5. Over time, you start to crave it

Whereas at the starting point I had to push myself, now I’m looking forward to the next cold shower. That is to say, it’s still difficult, but once I complete this challenge I can then be proud and use it as a source of motivation.

6. You get more control over yourself

As I already mentioned in the 4th point, the fact that you leave the comfort zone right at the beginning gives you the advantage for the rest of the day. Finishing the first challenge simplifies completing the next ones. You experience the incredible feeling after sticking to your commitments so you want to stay on track and achieve more.

7. Great way to replace the coffee

If you’d like to go off caffeine and still want to feel energized, taking a cold shower is the way to go. Once the freezing cold water runs down your body, you begin feel a rush of adrenaline shoot through your body. As a result, you get excited, energized and ready to conquer the world.

Wrapping up

On the whole, it’s was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to increase the willpower and discipline as well as start the day like a pro. I’ll definitely keep taking cold showers on a daily basis.

Do Your own cold shower challenge

I hope that the lessons I share with you motivated you to do your own cold shower challenge. It doesn’t have to be 30 days. Start with 7 if you don’t feel comfortable with committing to a month just yet. Even a week might seem crazy at first in which case, just take a cold shower tonight. As the famous quote says, a thousand mile journey begins with a single step so don’t let perfection prevent your progress.

It feels extremely challenging at first, but once it’s over, and it’s over after a few minutes, you’ll feel satisfied with your decision. Taking a cold shower represents going against the obstacles to achieve your desires. Whenever I incorporate them, they positively affect the rest of my habits and overall happiness.