Some facts about me

Blog's founder

Hi there! I’m flattered that you want to learn more about me, so here you go:

I’m the founder of Growthzer where I cover various topics related to personal growth, minimalism, habits and everything in between.

As a self-improvement freak, I feel truly amazing when I set myself goals and do my best to accomplish them. This, however, isn’t an easy set up and forget process but a constant battle with my own weaknesses.

During the wrestle between what I want to achieve and what my lazy side wants me to do, I learn a lot about myself and get one step closer to the point I want to reach. Growthzer serves me as a tool to save the lessons I learned as well as share them with you.

Since I get distracted and overwhelmed when there’s too much stuff around me, I embraced minimalism. I’m definitely not at the point where I can count all my possessions and I don’t even aim to be there. I’m more of a moderate minimalist.

Besides that, I’m nonconformist, which means I’d rather go my own route instead of mindlessly following the crowd.

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What do I do when I don’t write on Growthzer?

Various stuff such as:

  • pursuing entrepreneurial projects
  • reading books (here are some of my book recommendations)
  • lifting weights
  • writing a book (more info soon). See my book.
  • other self-improvement stuff

You can find me on: Twitter,  Medium, Quora & LifeHack.

If there’s something you’d like to tell me, contact me here!